Client Story:
A family in Rickmansworth wanted to breathe new life into their home. They envisioned a spacious loft with a stylish bathroom, four cozy bedrooms, and inviting living spaces.

What We Did:
 • Lofty Ideas: We transformed the loft into a spacious retreat, complete with a beautifully finished bathroom using Farrow and Ball paint.
 • Colorful Bedrooms: Each bedroom received a unique color scheme and the toilets.
 • Spray Magic: We used specialized spray paint for doors and frames. Doors received 2 primer coats and 2 finish coats of off-white paint.
 • Shiny Staircase: We enhanced the oak wood staircase to give it a glossy finish.
 • Cool Toilet: The ground floor toilet received a modern makeover with dark blue paint and wallpaper.
 • Smooth Frames: Frames and skirting boards were expertly sprayed for a flawless finish.
How We Did It:
 • Collaborative Effort: We collaborated closely with the family to bring their vision to life.
 • Efficient Spray Painting: Our skilled team utilized spray painting techniques for efficiency and precision while ensuring the protection of floors and windows.

The Result:
The completed house looked stunning. Each room exuded its charm, creating a fresh and inviting atmosphere throughout the entire home. The family was thrilled to showcase their newly renovated space to friends and family.

In Summary:
Through teamwork and creative solutions, we successfully transformed the house into a stylish and welcoming home. With paint and innovative ideas, we turned an outdated property into a haven filled with cherished memories.